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Why should Coffee City USA be your local roaster? Below are reviews and testimonials we’ve gathered from satisfied customers. Check back frequently for more!

  • Greetings. I just wanted to drop a note to Coffee City USA, Tyler. My bride and me are not pro coffee buyers but do enjoy a good brew. For years we made a blend for Christmas that we discovered from a friend who had a coffee house in Galveston. They made a blend of 2 parts Frangelica, one part each Cafe’ Cinnamon and Vanilla Nut Cream…well mixed. We made it a bit on the strong side and it was amazing. Our old supplier quit selling Frangelica so for a couple of years had to do without.  We just received our first order from Coffee City and wanted to say THANK YOU for the great quality, speed in filling our little order of 8 one pound packs of ground coffee. We are next going to try your teas, other coffee and sauces & mixes. Whatever you do, from Thanksgiving thru New Years day include these 3 flavors for us old folks to enjoy. Thanks again and when you get bored…try this blend yourself. —J.A and S.A.
  • I just want to say thank you and tell you that your “sinful pleasures” flavored coffee is the best I have ever had. The first time I had it was at The Mercantile in Excelsior Springs MO. We walked in to that shop and I smelled heaven. We ate lunch there too and we had our first cups of this awesome blend. It smells and tastes like happy times and comfort. This life is so full of stress and grief, but this is something that is RIGHT. I gave it as a gift to my husband and also to my Mom. They are treating it like gold, but I told the to go ahead and enjoy -I can buy more when they run our. I am ruined for anything else. 🙂 Seriously I don’t want any other coffee. I love your Company. Please keep this flavor -all too often my favorite things get discontinued. Keep up the amazing work. May God richly bless you! —F.E.
  • This place is wonderful. Super nice, helpful people. The smell when you walk in…… Ahhhhh!!!! They have a ton of varieties of coffees and teas, gift items and more. If you’re a coffee lover, go here. —M.A.S.
  • “Love the people at coffee city! Oh, and the coffee is wonderful too!” —J.S.
  • “5 star Everything” —C.D.
  • “I had a fundraiser for my youth football team. Coffee City was the product we recieved. I was very happy with this product and will use this as a future fundraiser. I am very impressed by the quality and accuracy in which the product was delivered.” —M.L.
  • “Outstanding place, Outstanding people, Out of this world coffee. Puts Starbucks to shame!” —H.D.
  • “I just want to say….thank you all SO MUCH! 🙂 We had our opening week last week and it was an amazing hit! 🙂 We actually sold every single drop of espresso that we had! We couldn’t have done it without you!!!” —K.B.
  • “To Everyone @ Coffee City, Wishing You & Yours a Blessed, Happy & Peaceful Holiday. In this time of Thanks I give mine for having met such kind people who always go above & beyond in assisting me. Enjoy. And if traveling be safe. All the best to you & your families.” —R.A.K
  • “I have been working with Jamie P over the past few weeks on my wholesale order and I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job she has done. She has been extraordinary to work with! I received a proof of my private label promptly after returning from Dallas market and she has been incredibly helpful in answering all my questions to ensure I receive what will be best for my customers. I just wanted to let you know your company is being well represented!” —H.S.
  • “I just tried your coffee for the first time today 🙂 I’m hooked the vanilla nut cream is exquisitely delicious, and your staff very nice and accommodative.” —J.S. and S.S.
  • “Great coffee……. friendly owners and staff. Always fresh roasted coffee beans. I also buy and serve their gourmet cocoa to my zipline guests. Check them out!” —GoZipTexas
  • “So much to choose from! Staff was very friendly, helpful and patient to this new comer” —D.L.
  • Best coffee I have ever drank.” —W.R.
  • Smells so yummy in here!” —T.S.
  • “Very friendly staff, always organized.  Best tea & coffee selection in Texas!” —M.R.
  • “I love this place!  Everyone is so nice.” —J.S.
  • “Great coffee guys!  Bought 3 bags as part of a fundraiser here in Pheonix.  Just brewed up one today.  Jamaican Me Loco, WOW what flavor.  Will be getting more.  Thanks!” —G.W.

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