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It’s starting to get hotter here in Texas and that means we’re looking for cold alternatives to get our caffeine fix! Cold brew coffee has become very popular and we have a wonderful blog post on that here.

If you’re curious about cold brewing coffees, we also know a wonderful little company called Stitch + Brew that has their own cold brewing kit for purchase on Etsy as well as reusable filters for coffee and tea.

Did you know that you could also cold brew tea?

The process is very simple. First, take your tea leaves and put it in your designated amount of water. Remember that it only takes 1 ounce of our tea leaves to make an entire gallon of ice tea. Let the tea sit with the water at room temperature for 30 minutes. Then move the container to the refrigerator and let it sit overnight or for at least eight hours. Strain the tea leaves from tea and enjoy! The flavor won’t be as strong as usual but it will still be delicious.

For a stronger flavor, leave the tea brewing for up to 16 hours. You can also brew the leaves again for another batch of tea. The end result will be a weaker tea but try adding fruits or fruit flavored syrup to the tea in order to make a refreshing summer mixed drink!

The cold brew method will work with any tea but we recommend you use an old favorite Apricot Peach or any of your personal favorites!

Don’t be afraid to take a look on our site at all the different teas that we have to offer. Our online store is open day and night and you can call to ask us what flavors are our personal favorites Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 pm EST.

Let us know in the comments what tea you brewed using this method and if you like this over traditional brewed tea!

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